May 12 2015

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon Reach a Divorce Settlement

Written by: Meghan Gulczynski

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon Reach a Divorce SettlementPamela Anderson and Rick Salomon have finally reached a divorce settlement. They recently released a statement to the media apologizing for the hurt and embarrassment their public divorce caused their family and friends.

During their legal battle to end their marriage, there were news reports of Salomon not reporting millions of gambling monies to the IRS and Anderson holding Salomon’s dog, Bumblebee, hostage. But they have finally settled their differences and, despite the fact they are no longer speaking, they hope they can heal and move forward with their lives.

When parties are divorcing emotions are high and there is a lot at stake. For example, unreported income, like Salomon’s gambling winnings, is often brought to light in divorce actions and can have serious consequences for both parties.

In a New Jersey reported case, Sheridan v. Sheridan, 247 N.J. Super. 552 (Chan. Div. 1990), the Court held there is an obligation for a Judge to report that a crime has been committed, such as failing to report income to the Internal Revenue Sources, if the parties to a divorce offer such evidence under sworn testimony.

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