See What Past Clients Are Saying About Us.

“I Highly Recommend Vito”

Vito helped me through every step of a very tough time in my life. Vito is honest, accessible, knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate. He listens to his clients and will fight tenaciously on your behalf. I highly recommend Vito if you find yourself in need of a family attorney.


“Treated Me Like A Family Member”

His professionalism and dedication to his work is outstanding. Treated me like a family member instead of a client. Very supportive, honest and open about everything. Thank you Vito for your patience and understanding.


“Great service!”

I would recommend Mr. Brunetti’s services to anyone as he is very knowledgeable, honest and attentive. He was always available when needed and would respond to all messages and queries within a reasonable amount of time. I am very happy with his services as well as the outcome of the case. Highly recommended!


“A Lawyer Who Listens.”

One of the things that impressed me about Mr. Brunetti was that, throughout the process, he remained responsive and on-task. I felt that he used the resources available to him in a respectful way. Working with him felt as efficient and as safe as is possible.


“Above & Beyond.”

I had the opportunity of having Mr. Brunetti represent me at a most difficult and unpleasant time in my life. My divorce I was a complete mess and Mr. Brunetti while very formal at first I taught he was just lacking compassion. But true to his words at our first meeting this attorney worked diligently on my case, and made sure I received everything I was entailed to. He is my humble opinion the true meaning of what a an attorney can do, he looks at what can be done is very honest tells it like it is, never sugar coats anything and fights to correct what needs to be corrected. A pleasure to have this attorney and lucky to have him represent me in court.


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