Feb 24 2015

Changing the Name of Your Child and Your Rights

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I Don’t Want My Child’s Name Changed! What Can I Do? For various reasons, custodial parents have asked the court for permission to change their child’s last name, usually requesting the removal of the father of the child’s last name and replacing it with the last name of the mother. Such reasons include domestic violence

Feb 19 2015

Can You Force Your Spouse To Take More Parenting Time?

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A question we are asked quite frequently is, “Can I force my spouse to take more parenting time (visitation) than they want to?” This situation arises when parents have separated and share children and one parent has primary custody of the children. Normally, the other parent requests, and sometimes fights for, parenting time,

Feb 10 2015

Domestic Violence – Why Janay Rice is No Different Than Any Other Victim

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The NFL Doesn’t Matter: Why Janay Rice Is No Different Than Any Other Domestic Violence Victim Last year, the country was captivated, shocked and appalled when former NFL Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was seen on that now infamous elevator video punching his then fiancée, Janay Rice in the face, knocking her out cold

Feb 04 2015

Can I Relocate My Child Out-of-State If I Don’t Have a Job Offer?

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If you are looking to relocate out of the state of New Jersey with your minor child, it is clear that the courts must consider certain factors before making the decision to permit or not permit the child to be removed out of state. The controlling case that courts must follow in New Jersey is the Baures v. Lewis 167 NJ 91 (2001)

Feb 02 2015

All the Rage? Post-Nuptial Agreements in New Jersey

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Most people are familiar with prenuptial agreements, or prenups and their popularity is rising. However, most people do not realize that many married couples are entering into agreements post-marriage. These agreements are called post-nuptial agreements or mid-marriage agreements, and are drafted by couples to protect individual