May 28 2015

Wage Garnishment in New Jersey: Can You Sue the Boss?

Written by: Admin

Many states allow for child support to be automatically deducted from a parent’s paycheck. This is known as wage garnishment and it is permitted in New Jersey. After obtaining a wage garnishment order from the court, the non-custodial parent’s wages are reduced by the amount owed for child support. This can be done on a weekly,

Mar 16 2015

What is a Case Information Statement (CIS)?

Written by: Vito Brunetti

This is the second of a series of articles on the Family Law Division’s Case Information Statement (CIS). The Case Information Statement, or CIS, is the principal document utilized by the Courts in determining alimony, child support and equitable distribution. It should therefore be considered a strategic and persuasive document

Mar 10 2015

What To Do In Order To Modify A Support Obligation

Written by: Vito Brunetti

This will be the first of a series of articles on the CIS and its importance in a family case that will appear periodically in our website. Do you want to obtain or modify a support obligation (whether alimony or child support) in a family division matter? If so, the first step is to complete the Case Information Statement.

Sep 08 2014

Palimony: Did You Get It In Writing?

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When couples live together and there is a promise to financially support each other, must that promise of support be reduced to writing to be enforceable and valid? In New Jersey the answer to this question is it depends! The promise to support a significant other whom you are not married to is referred to as Palimony. The New

Jun 11 2014

Should Child Support in New Jersey End Automatically at 19?

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Proposed legislation in New Jersey would end child support automatically upon a child turning 19 years of age. Currently, in New Jersey a child is entitled to continue to receive child support until the supporting parent petitions the court to emancipate the child. A child is presumed emancipated at 18. However, child support in