Jun 25 2015

Circumcision and the Courts: When Parents Can’t Agree

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As reported in a recent ABA Journal article found at abajournal.com, a Florida mother was arrested and jailed last week for contempt because of her refusal to cooperate with the court-ordered circumcision of her 4-year-old son. The parents have been fighting since pregnancy and the legal battle regarding the circumcision has been

Jun 18 2015

Is Spanking Abuse? A Long-Standing Debate

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According to a blog post found on preventchildabusenj.org, on January 26, 2011, the NJ Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a parent “slapping their child” did not constitute “child abuse”. The court’s ruling overturned an action by the NJ Division on Youth and Family Services (now DCCP) to remove a teenager from her

Jun 11 2015

No Thanks, Judge, We’ll Divorce Ourselves

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According to Martha Neil in an article on abajournal.com, two Minnesota lawmakers are proposing legislation that would allow couples to get divorced in that state without ever seeking assistance from or even going to court. But, Abby Simmons of the Minnesota Star Tribune writes “…family law attorneys argue that the

Jun 04 2015

Can You Serve Divorce Papers On Facebook?

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A New York judge recently granted permission to a woman to serve a divorce complaint via her husband’s page on, you guessed it, Facebook. This ruling is not only precedential, it also shows how modern social media is now being addressed in the court system. In New Jersey, a person must be physically served with a divorce

May 28 2015

Wage Garnishment in New Jersey: Can You Sue the Boss?

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Many states allow for child support to be automatically deducted from a parent’s paycheck. This is known as wage garnishment and it is permitted in New Jersey. After obtaining a wage garnishment order from the court, the non-custodial parent’s wages are reduced by the amount owed for child support. This can be done on a weekly,