Jul 02 2015

Virtual Visitation: A Help Or A Poor Substitute?

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In a recent article entitled “Child Visitation Hits the Internet” written and found on Lawyers.com, it is stated that in Illinois, the courts have the power to grant to parents the right to visit with their children via the internet. This type of visitation, dubbed by some as “e-visitation” is emerging as a new trend in

Jun 18 2015

Is Spanking Abuse? A Long-Standing Debate

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According to a blog post found on preventchildabusenj.org, on January 26, 2011, the NJ Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a parent “slapping their child” did not constitute “child abuse”. The court’s ruling overturned an action by the NJ Division on Youth and Family Services (now DCCP) to remove a teenager from her

Mar 03 2015

Should Sperm Donors Have Visitation Rights?

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In a possibly precedential case, slated to be heard by the New Jersey Appellate Decision, the rights of a sperm donor who donated sperm to a same sex couple in New Jersey may be upheld. Sheena and Tiara Yates, married in May of 2014, had a son in June of 2013 as the result of an at-home, physician-approved artificial insemination