Apr 21 2015

Should I Marry My Bartender? Study on Divorce Rates and Jobs

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Divorce Rates and JobsA study done by Radford University identified the professions with the highest divorce rates. These professions were identified by Michael Aamodt and Shawn McCoy as having an elevated divorce rate, based on US Census data. However, as BusinessInsider.com notes: “the study identified people who were currently divorced, not those who were previously divorced — thus it may understate the numbers.”

The data is in:


Profession                                                 Divorce Rate

Dancer/Choreography                                              43.05%

Bartender                                                                      38.43%

Massage Therapist                                                     38.22%

Gaming Cage Worker                                                34.66%

Extruding Machine Operator                                  32.74%

Gaming Service Worker                                            31.35%

Factory Worker:  Food & Tobacco                          29.78%

Telephone Operator                                                  29.30%

Nursing, Psychiatric, Health Aid                            28.95%

Entertainer/Athlete                                                    28.49%

Baggage Porter, Concierge                                      28.49%

Telemarketer                                                                28.10%

Waiter/Waitress                                                           27.12%

Roofer                                                                            26.85%

Maid/Housekeeper                                                    26.38%


Why do you think certain occupations have a higher rate of divorce? Is there a correlation or is it just coincidence?

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