Meghan Gulczynski, Esq. Can Help Navigate You Through the Seemingly Difficult Issues of Your Case Through Family Mediation.

family mediationFamily Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method intended to assist parties in resolving their family legal issues. It can be an effective alternative to litigation for parties who are navigating a separation, a divorce, a custodial dispute, a parenting plan, or a post-judgment dispute.

What is the process of Mediation?

Both parties will meet with a qualified mediator together and separately to address financial issues, a parenting or custodial plan and if necessary hire experts with the end goal of reaching an amicable agreement that both parties believe to be a fair resolution of their differences.

Do I need to have my own Mediator?

There is only one mediator who acts as a neutral party to assist in developing a settlement agreement that meets the needs of both parties.

Do I need my own Lawyer?

You should consider hiring an attorney to represent you even if you choose mediation. While the mediator has specialized knowledge concerning Family Law, the mediator is a neutral party who does not act as an advisor to either party and should not represent either party in Court.

When do I hire a mediator?

You can hire a mediator before you have even filed Court papers or at any stage of litigation.

Why should I hire a mediator?

Mediation seeks to reach a goal where both parties have collaborated to reach a settlement that they believe is fair and equitable. For many people, the prospect of collaborating to resolve their issues may seem overwhelming; however, the alternative option of litigation leaves the important decisions to the Court and often is more expensive.

Mediation allows the parties to have more control over the decisions they make concerning their every day lives whether it be a decision concerning the division of their property or the care for their children.

Litigation is a zero sum competition, where there is a winner and a loser. There are emotional and financial costs to the family unit that will take time to repair. It is inevitable the division of a family unit will be difficult and reduce the resources of a family. Mediation seeks to minimize those costs.

Meghan Gulczynski, Esq. is qualified to mediate family matters under the New Jersey Court rules and is a trained mediator. She can help navigate you through the seemingly difficult issues of your case.

If you are interested in hiring a mediator contact the law firm of Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC to schedule an appointment. Our rates for mediation are very competitive and reasonable.