Jul 02 2015

Virtual Visitation: A Help Or A Poor Substitute?

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Virtual Visitation

In a recent article entitled “Child Visitation Hits the Internet” written and found on Lawyers.com, it is stated that in Illinois, the courts have the power to grant to parents the right to visit with their children via the internet. This type of visitation, dubbed by some as “e-visitation” is emerging as a new trend in this technological age.

Here in New Jersey, visitation, or, as it is more appropriately called, parenting time, courts have long awarded parents time with their children via email and text communication as well as via internet programs such as Skype. These types of situations typically occur when the child lives in a different state or country from the non-custodial parent.

Lawyers.com continues, “Illinois passed an e-visitation law in 2009, joining five states (Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and Utah) that had similar laws on their books. And, as late as July 2009, over 20 other states were working on passing virtual visitation laws.” As of this writing, New Jersey does not have a specific law on the books relating to “e-visitation.”

And, according to Legalmatch.com, “Virtual visitation is rapidly gaining support as a means for non-custodial parents to maintain frequent contact with their child or children. It can be very beneficial for separated parents who live far from one another. It allows the non-custodial parent to interact with the child without actually having physical custody of the child. Also, e-visitation can prevent or avoid further altercations between the parents while allowing for visitation time.”

Of course, virtual visitation does not take the place of actual, in-person parenting time between parents and their children. Most take the position that this type of e-visitation should be in addition to more traditional forms of parenting time.

What do you think? Is e-visitation beneficial to parents? To children?

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